Definition of Murrumbidgee river

1. Noun. A river of southeastern Australia; flows westward into the Murray River.

Exact synonyms: Murrumbidgee
Group relationships: Australia, Commonwealth Of Australia, Australia
Generic synonyms: River

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Literary usage of Murrumbidgee river

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Australia Visited and Revisited: A Narrative of Recent Travels and Old by Samuel Mossman, Thomas Banister (1853)
"... and village—Topography of the murrumbidgee river. AT this stage of our journey we had reached the upper branch of that great stream, the Murray River, ..."

2. Australasia by Alfred Russel Wallace, Francis Henry Hill Guillemard (1893)
"Is traversed by the murrumbidgee river, above the mouth of the Lachlan. 109. WELLESLEY. ... Bounded on the north by the murrumbidgee river, and south by the ..."

3. Publications by Folklore Society (Great Britain) (1908)
"About two miles below the town of Balranald, there is a low rocky bar across the bed of the murrumbidgee river, which is only visible in dry weather whem ..."

4. Mineral Resources by Geological Survey of New South Wales (1898)
"Wyalong is distant about forty-five miles from the Lachlan River, and about sixty-eight miles from the murrumbidgee river, and is within a district ..."

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