Definition of Musculus tibialis

1. Noun. Either of two skeletal muscle in each leg arising from the tibia; provides for movement of the foot.

Exact synonyms: Tibialis, Tibialis Muscle
Generic synonyms: Skeletal Muscle, Striated Muscle
Group relationships: Leg
Specialized synonyms: Tibialis Anterior, Tibialis Anticus, Tibialis Posterior, Tibialis Posticus

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Literary usage of Musculus tibialis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of the University of Uppsala by Geologiska institutionen, Mineralogisk-geologiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet (1901)
"... to be only one continuous raised surface for the attachment of musculus tibialis ... I have found only a single raised surface for musculus tibialis ..."

2. Bulletin of the Geological Institution of the University of Uppsala by Uppsala universitet Mineralogisk-geologiska institutionen (1905)
"... to be only one continuous raised surface for the attachment of musculus tibialis anticus in the bottom of the anterior channel of the tarso-metatarsus. ..."

3. Manual of Practical Anatomy by Daniel John Cunningham (1903)
"Tibialis Anticus (musculus tibialis anterior).—The tibialis anticus is a powerful muscle, which takes origin from the lower part of the external tuberosity ..."

4. The Works of William Hewson, F. R. S. by William Hewson, George Gulliver (1846)
"1, The tendon of the musculus tibialis anticus. On the Outlines. a, A lymphatic vessel belonging to the top of the foot. b, Its first division into ..."

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