Definition of Music stool

1. Noun. A stool for piano players; usually adjustable in height.

Exact synonyms: Piano Stool
Generic synonyms: Stool

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Literary usage of Music stool

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Representative British Dramas, Victorian and Modern by Montrose Jonas Moses (1918)
"This is the village pump [pointing to SAM, sealed by piano, on music-stool; SAM turns round on music-stool, disgusted] Entrance of Jeanne — now called ..."

2. Spiritual Magazine (1877)
"While chatting as a family, we all saw the music stool float away from the harmonium up to ... The head of the music stool then made obeisance to the Bible. ..."

3. Cabinetwork and Joinery: Comprising Designs and Details of Construction by Paul N Hasluck (1907)
"music stool with Box Seat. stool with a 1" in half eh ml half vertical - 138 by Fig. ... Double-tenon between Drawer Framing and Post of music stool. ..."

4. All the Year Round: A Weekly Journal by Charles Dickens (1883)
"He ousted the young lady from the music-stool and began to run his fingers over the keys in obligate fortissimo fashion. Soon the spirit of song was stirred ..."

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