Definition of Musk mallow

1. Noun. Bushy herb of tropical Asia grown for its yellow or pink to scarlet blooms that resemble the hibiscus.

Exact synonyms: Abelmoschus Moschatus, Abelmosk, Hibiscus Moschatus
Generic synonyms: Mallow
Group relationships: Abelmoschus, Genus Abelmoschus

2. Noun. Erect Old World perennial with faintly musk-scented foliage and white or pink flowers; adventive in United States.
Exact synonyms: Malva Moschata, Mus Rose
Group relationships: Genus Malva, Malva
Generic synonyms: Mallow

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Literary usage of Musk mallow

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Familiar Wild Flowers by Frederick Edward Hulme (1878)
"The musk-mallow is a perennial. From its root proceed several light and delicate-looking stems, erect in general direction, very slightly branching, ..."

2. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Edward Cornelius Towne (1898)
"The rosy musk-mallow blooms by the moor-brook's flow, So daintily O! ... The rosy musk-mallow blooms within sound of the sea; It curtsies to thee, ..."

3. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1861)
"... its flat and circularly disposed mucilaginous seeds under the name of " cheeses ;" and by some the plant is known as cheese mallow. The musk mallow (M. ..."

4. Our Garden Flowers: A Popular Study of Their Native Lands, Their Life by Harriet Louise Keeler (1910)
"Of mallow type, pale-rose or white, flat, about two inches musk mallow. ... Long ago the musk mallow, with its pretty flowers and delicate odor of musk, ..."

5. A Victorian Anthology, 1837-1895: Selections Illustrating the Editor's by Edmund Clarence Stedman (1895)
"THE ROSY MUSK-MALLOW (ROMANY LOVE-SONG) THE rosy musk-mallow blooms where the south wind blows, О my gypsy rose ! In the deep dark lanes where thou and I ..."

6. How to Know the Wild Flowers: A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of by Frances Theodora Parsons, Marion Satterlee (1900)
"The musk mallow is an attractive foreign adventurer which has wandered from the garden to the roadside. Its faintly musk- like odor is responsible for its ..."

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