Definition of Muttons

1. mutton [n] - See also: mutton

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Literary usage of Muttons

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopaedia of English Literature: A Selection of the Choicest Productions by Robert Chambers, Robert Carruthers (1853)
"The country folks, themselves advance, With crowdy-muttons out of France ; And Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance, And all the town be merry. ..."

2. Two Years in Oregon by Nash, Wallis (1882)
"... extraordinary—Sheep-farming in Eastern Oregon —Merinos—The sheep-herder—muttons for company—A good offer refused—Exports of wool from Oregon—Price and ..."

3. Testamenta Vetusta: Being Illustrations from Wills, of Manners, Customs, &c by Nicholas Harris Nicolas (1826)
"... likewise a thousand sheep, three hundred muttons, forty-eight oxen, and fifteen bulls*. WILLIAM DE BEAUCHAMP. ..."

4. The Annals of Bristol in the Seventeenth Century by John Latimer (1900)
"Two muttons and a half " cost 38s.; three turkeys, lls.; six capons and hens, 9s. ; sixteen gallons of wine, 45s. ..."

5. The Battle Abbey Roll: With Some Account of the Norman Lineages by Battle Abbey (1889)
"... Beef: 600 muttons in his Larder; io Tuns of Cider; Armor, Plate, Jewels, and ready Money, better than ten thousand pound; 36 Sacks of Wooll, ..."

6. The Garrisons of Shropshire During the Civil War, 1642-1648 (1867)
"... besides some whole veals and muttons newly killed. The enemy " before the relief came, had taken the Church, being the strongest hold " about the town. ..."

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