Definition of Mutuality

1. Noun. A reciprocality of sentiments. "The mutuality of their affection was obvious"

Exact synonyms: Mutualness
Generic synonyms: Reciprocality, Reciprocity
Derivative terms: Mutual, Mutual, Mutual

2. Noun. A reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups).

Definition of Mutuality

1. n. The quality of correlation; reciprocation; interchange; interaction; interdependence.

Definition of Mutuality

1. Noun. The property of being mutual. ¹

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Definition of Mutuality

1. [n -TIES]

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Literary usage of Mutuality

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Practical Treatise on the Law of Contracts Not Under Seal: And Upon the by Joseph Chitty, John Archibald Russell, Jonathan Cogswell Perkins (1855)
"But wherever it appears that, if the contract were not binding on Rule as to. both parties at the time when made, this want of mutuality would leave one ..."

2. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1921)
"The insertion in the contract of the stipulation contained in the ninth paragraph of the contract destroyed any quality of mutuality which might have ..."

3. Essays on Constitutional Law and Equity, and Other Subjects by Henry Schofield (1921)
"TuE RULE OF mutuality IN GENERAL." — The State Supreme Court, in common with many other Courts, appears to find want of mutuality as a defense to a bill for ..."

4. The Law of Contracts by Samuel Williston, Clarence Martin Lewis (1920)
"1; Ames, the want of mutuality of remedy, Lectures on Legal History, 370. it will be so enforced." In Jones •6/. e., the passage from Fry on v. ..."

5. Handbook of the Law of Contracts by William Lawrence Clark, Archibald Hall Throckmorton (1914)
"The promise may be contingent or conditional, except that— mutualitymutuality of engagement is necessary, and, if the condition or contingency produces ..."

6. Handbook of Equity Jurisprudence by James Webster Eaton (1901)
"But, for specific performance, mutuality of obligation is essential ... It has been said that the doctrine of mutuality "is a technical doctrine; but, ..."

7. The Law of Contracts by William Herbert Page (1919)
"Offer to be accepted by act—Performance as supplying mutuality. The terms of the offer may be such that the offer can be accepted only by doing some ..."

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