Definition of Name calling

1. Noun. Verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me"

Exact synonyms: Names
Generic synonyms: Calumniation, Calumny, Defamation, Hatchet Job, Obloquy, Traducement

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Literary usage of Name calling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Simple Life by Ruth Porter (2006)
"... as though the little river was speaking her name, calling her to come down to take part in some wonderful, secret ceremony of spring. ..."

2. Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by William B. Dana (1846)
"The name, calling, and domicile, of the ship's husband, (naviero,) should he make the contract of affreightment. • 5. The name, calling, and domicile, ..."

3. Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by William B. Dana (1846)
"The name, calling, and domicile, of the captain. 2. Its flag and port of its registration. 4. The name, calling, and domicile, of the ship's husband, ..."

4. Medicare+Choice Program After One Year: Hearing Before the Committee on edited by Michael Bilirakis (1998)
"I view this issue as being reduced to the status of name-calling now. ... Status of name-calling? These are government reports from Congressional Budget ..."

5. Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's "Untouchables" by Smita Narula (1999)
"... "Society as a whole never accepted the PCR Act. No one ever thought that name-calling wouldn't be okay. Ill-treatment was very common. ..."

6. Preventing Interpersonal Violence Among Youth: An Introduction to School by William Dejong (1995)
"In addition, the RCCP students reported having fewer fights and engaging less frequently in name-calling compared to those in the control group.13 Most ..."

7. A Gift for Muslim Women by Muḥammad ʻĀshiq Ilāhī (2001)
"Thus the revilers serve as the means name-calling of their own ancestors. ... who revile their parents plainly and direct K. Name-calling is a capital sin ..."

8. You Can Choose to Be Happy: "Rise Above" Anxiety, Anger, and Depression by Tom G. Stevens (1998)
"No name-calling, attacking, or blaming, use neutral, descriptive language- avoid name calling, negative labels, or personal attacks of any type. ..."

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