Definition of Narrow-mindedness

1. Noun. An inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior.

Exact synonyms: Narrowness
Generic synonyms: Intolerance
Specialized synonyms: Parochialism, Pettiness, Provincialism, Denominationalism, Sectarianism
Antonyms: Broad-mindedness
Derivative terms: Narrow-minded, Narrow-minded, Narrow

Definition of Narrow-mindedness

1. Noun. the state of being narrow-minded ¹

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Literary usage of Narrow-mindedness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The People's Bible: Discourses Upon Holy Scripture by Joseph Parker (1891)
"narrow-mindedness is the curse of the Church. It leads to mistaken ideas of ... Narrow- minded men call themselves earnest; but narrow-mindedness cannot be ..."

2. The Light of Nature Pursued by Abraham Tucker, Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay (1831)
"Therefore the sources of narrow-mindedness, considered as a fault of the Will, and not a natural imbecility, must be sought for ..."

3. A Cyclopedia of Missions: Containing a Comprehensive View of Missionary by Harvey Newcomb (1855)
"The great cities of the empire being situated on the sea- coast, there is little narrow-mindedness and bigotry prevalent among the people. ..."

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