Definition of Nathaniel bowditch

1. Noun. United States mathematician and astronomer noted for his works on navigation (1773-1838).

Exact synonyms: Bowditch
Generic synonyms: Astronomer, Stargazer, Uranologist, Mathematician

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Literary usage of Nathaniel bowditch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. by Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Adgate Lipscomb, Albert Ellery Bergh (1905)
"TO nathaniel bowditch. MONTICELLO, October 26, 1818. DEAR SIR,—I have for some time owed you a letter of thanks for your learned pamphlet on Dr. Stewart's ..."

2. Trübner's Bibliographical Guide to American Literature: A Classed List of by Nicolas Trübner (1859)
"nathaniel bowditch ..... 309 19. On a Mistake which exists in the calculation of M. Poisson, ... Elements of the Comet of 1819, by nathaniel bowditch, LL. ..."

3. Trübner's Bibliographical Guide to American Literature: A Classed List of by Nicolas Trübner, Benjamin Moran, Edward Edwards (1859)
"Method of correcting the Apparent Distance of the Moon from the Sun, or a Star, for the effects of Parallax and Refraction, by nathaniel bowditch, LL.D. . ..."

4. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson memorial association of the United States (1905)
"meat, so the present work may be in the particular branch of Political Economy. TO nathaniel bowditch. MONTICELLO, October 26, 1818. ..."

5. The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans: With Biographical by H. J. Herring, James Barton Longacre (1853)
"... nathaniel bowditch, LL.DFRS OF all the various branches of intellectual pursuit, that science which explains the system of the universe, and reveals the ..."

6. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present by Joseph Sabin, Wilberforce Eames, Bibliographical Society of America, Robert William Glenroie Vail (1869)
"Sketch of the Life and Character of nathaniel bowditch, LL. ... Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch, by his Son Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch, originally prefixed ..."

7. The Ships and Sailors of Old Salem: The Record of a Brilliant Era of by Ralph D[elahaye] Paine (1912)
"... CHAPTER XV nathaniel bowditch AND HI8 " PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR" (1802) HAIL to thee, poor little ship, Mayflower, of Delft Haven," wrote Thomas Carlyle, ..."

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