Definition of Nation of islam

1. Noun. A group of militant Black Americans who profess Islamic religious beliefs and advocate independence for Black Americans.

Generic synonyms: Religious Movement
Member holonyms: Black Muslim

Definition of Nation of islam

1. Proper noun. A religious and political organization with the declared aim of "resurrecting" the spiritual, mental, social and economic condition of the black people of America and the world. ¹

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Literary usage of Nation of islam

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Focus of Demons: Real Gremlins in the Works by Gyeorgos C. Hatonn (1994)
"What is happening, however, in the confrontation of the Nation of Islam and the ADL is so TYPICAL of how the ADL Zionists operate that I feel compelled to ..."

2. When the Lights Go Out, and Never Come Back On: Nuclear Terrorism in America by Bruce Hoffman, United States Dept. of Energy, Rand Corporation (1987)
""We wanted to assure the Nation of Islam," he would not be part of any attacks on the Jackson campaign, and of somebody else trying to make it look like us. ..."

3. Advanced Demolition Legion: The ADL in Action by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (1994)
"When Washington, DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly issued an official proclamation honoring Nation of Islam leader Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad for his leadership in ..."

4. The Future of Islam by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (1882)
"Moreover, at that moment the new nation of Islam was in danger of internal disruption, and the religious and the civil elements in it were on the point of ..."

5. U. S. Strategy to Counter Domestic Political Terrorism by James B. Motley (1993)
"... to fifty-seven temples of the US-based rival Nation of Islam that denounced Elijah Muhammad, the spiritual leader of the Black Muslim Nation of Islam. ..."

6. One America Indivisible: A National Conversation on American Pluralism and by Sheldon Hackney (1999)
"... yet we have sprouted the hate- mongering Ku Klux Klan, the separatism of the Nation of Islam, the Know Nothings, the Anti-Masons, the militias, ..."

7. Moon-o-theism: Religion of a War and Moon God Prophet, Volume I of IIby Yoel Natan by Yoel Natan (2006)
""Malcolm X, the Nation of Islam leader converted while serving time in prison in 1948." Daniel Pipes notes that Muslim immigrants to America "in the 1920's ..."

8. Do the Right Thing: The People's Economist Speaks by Walter Edward Williams (1995)
"From what I know of Nation of Islam philosophy, behavior justified by those excuses is not tolerated and surely is not encouraged. ..."

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