Definition of Native cranberry

1. Noun. Small prostrate or ascending shrub having scarlet flowers and succulent fruit resembling cranberries; sometimes placed in genus Styphelia.

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Literary usage of Native cranberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biennial Report by Oregon Board of Horticulture (1905)
"... native cranberry varies sufficiently in form to warrant a classification based upon this character. Four forms are well denned and easily recognized ..."

2. Bulletin by United States Bureau of Plant Industry (1907)
"The native cranberry of that region is regarded by some botanists as a variety of Vaccinium oxycoccus.1 (°) The diseases of the cranberry are most serious ..."

3. Fifty Years in the Northwest: With an Introduction and Appendix Containing by William Henry Carman Folsom, Elijah Evan Edwards (1888)
"... read before the Horticultural Society will still be generally applicable: "The scene on approaching these marshes, where the native cranberry was found, ..."

4. Iowa Horticulture by Iowa State Horticultural Society (1908)
"From this list I cannot omit the Ment/.elia ornata, which is native to northwestern Iowa and westward. The native Cranberry tree (Viburnum ..."

5. The Practical Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Gardener's Companion: With a Calendar by Patrick Neill, Richard Gay Pardee (1857)
"The fruit is easily preserved in bottles. The native Cranberry (Oxycoccus palustris) may be treated in the same manner, ..."

6. Notes and Sketches of New South Wales: During a Residence in that Colony Charles Meredith by Charles Meredith (1844)
"Native Turkeys—Their mode of Incubation—native cranberry—Our Return — Locusts — Manna — Transformations — Ground G rubs — Night at the Rivulet—New ..."

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