Definition of Natural fibre

1. Noun. Fiber derived from plants or animals.

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Literary usage of Natural fibre

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Causes and Consequences by John Jay Chapman (1909)
"There is in every man a natural fibre as fine as a poet's. His coarseness is the residuum of an act. You meet a man whom you have known as a court ..."

2. The Structure of the Cotton Fibre in Its Relation to Technical Applications by Frederic Hungerford Bowman (1908)
"Mention must also be made of the occurrence of natural colouring matter in cotton, which in some cases is sufficiently marked to enable the natural fibre to ..."

3. Transactions by National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association, Institution of Public Health Engineers (Great Britain) (1890)
"This is the best way to find out this waste of the natural fibre ; and, in fact, is the only way to fully settle the question in your own minds, ..."

4. Capital (1888)
"Man-made fibre has distinct advantages over natural fibre in respect of strength, durability, shades and easy-care properties. ..."

5. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1904)
"If this explanation is correct, it would follow that the ratio of colour taken up by the treated cotton and the natural fibre would be a constant one for ..."

6. Transactions of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers by Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (1890)
"Mechanical or ground wood pulp cannot be called a fibre at all, as the wood is merely separated into particles, regardless of the natural fibre, ..."

7. Proceedings of the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (1898)
"Usually a first step in the preparation of natural fibre for dyeing is a thorough cleansing and bleaching. Either for the reception of the mordant or the ..."

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