Definition of Needle-shaped

1. Adjective. Narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves.

Exact synonyms: Acerate, Acerose, Acicular
Similar to: Simple, Unsubdivided
Derivative terms: Acicula

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Literary usage of Needle-shaped

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1915)
"Evergreen, with the branchlets spreading in all directions: Ivs. either all needle-shaped and in 3's, or needle-shaped and scale-like, and usually opposite, ..."

2. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences by Henry Watts (1869)
"... and evaporating, it may be obtained in needle-shaped crystals containing 1 at. water; these crystals melt at 84°—86°, without, loss of water, ..."

3. Edinburgh Medical Journal (1868)
"... a few vegetable structures and a large number of fine needle-shaped crystals of margarin. In some corners of the dilated parts, there were firm rounded ..."

4. Botany of the United States North of Virginia: Comprising Descriptions of by Lewis Caleb Beck (1848)
"Trees or shrubs, with a branched trunk abounding in resin. Wood marked with circular disks. Leaves usually rigid and needle-shaped, entire. 1. JUNIPERUS. ..."

5. Cyclopedia of American Horticulture: Comprising Suggestions for Cultivation by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Wilhelm Miller (1900)
"Trees or shrubs with the branchlets spreading in all directions: Ivs. either all needle-shaped and in 3's, or needle-shaped and scale- like, ..."

6. The British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review, Or, Quarterly Journal of (1858)
"In the urine of this animal I found a great number of large bundles of needle-shaped crystals. They appeared to be either hippuric, or a peculiar form of ..."

7. General Pathology: Or the Science of the Causes, Nature and Course of the by Ernst Ziegler (1903)
"The deposits are found in the kidneys, skin, FIO. 94.— Deposits of needle-shaped crystals of sodium urate In Hie ..."

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