Definition of Negativing

1. Verb. (present participle of negative) ¹

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Definition of Negativing

1. negative [v] - See also: negative

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Literary usage of Negativing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Analytical Digest of the Cases Published in the New Series of the Law by Francis Towers Streeten, Henry John Hodgson (1852)
"(a) negativing Exceptions. (li) Statutory Form. ... in the words of the 2nd section, was sufficient, without negativing the exception in the 4th section. ..."

2. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: With by Great Britain Court of King's Bench, George Mifflin Wharton (1845)
"Here the words negativing the tender expressly refer to a sum beyond the 16/. , Rule absolute(a). Scott ». Soans. 3 East, 111. Nov. 19, 1802. ..."

3. A Treatise on Criminal Procedure by Francis Wharton, James Manford Kerr (1918)
"negativing statutory exceptions. § 396. Publishing information where abortion may be procured. § 397. Joinder of counts—Election. § 398. ..."

4. A Compendium of the Law and Practice of Vendors and Purchasers of Real Estate by Joseph Henry Dart (1883)
"As to grounds of defence negativing plaintiff's right to specific performance except with a variation of the original agreement; viz., ..."

5. Collections by Minisink Valley Historical Society, Connecticut Historical Society (1882)
"... are printed relating to his negativing the Speaker, and dissolving the Court. Mr. Symes Preaches an excellent Sermon, which was a great Refreshment and ..."

6. A Treatise on the Laws Regulating the Manufacture and Sale of Intoxicating by Henry Campbell Black (1892)
"negativing Contributory Negligence. In an action under the civil damage laws, it is not necessary that the declaration or complaint should contain ..."

7. The American and English Railroad Cases: A Collection of All Cases in the by Lawrence Lewis, Adelbert Hamilton, John Houston Merrill, William Mark McKinney, James Manford Kerr, John Crawford Thomson (1890)
"Complaint not negativing contributory negligence inaction for killing stock ... negativing Contributory Negligence. Complaint in action for causing fire, ..."

8. A Treatise on the Law of Evidence as Administered in England and Ireland by John Pitt Taylor (1887)
"... were justified in negativing any knowledge on the part of the master, though it appeared that he was in this country some time after the publication of ..."

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