Definition of Negev desert

1. Noun. A desert in southern Israel.

Exact synonyms: Negev
Generic synonyms: Desert
Group relationships: Israel, Sion, State Of Israel, Yisrael, Zion

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Literary usage of Negev desert

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Nature of Landscape: A Personal Quest by Han Lorzing (2001)
"... 1 negev desert, camels and tourists 2 negev desert, stone circle 3 Negev Desert, acacia tree scape artist, planted three acacias in his impressive ..."

2. Hydropolitics along the Jordan River; Scarce Water and Its Impact on the by Aaron T. Wolf (1995)
"... Galilee region with the Jordan headwaters, the coastal zone with the population centres, and the negev desert, to absorb "the ingathering of the exiles. ..."

3. Managing Water for Peace in the Middle East; Alternative Strategies by Masahiro Murakami (1995)
"coastal plain, (2) mountains and hills, (3) the negev desert, and (4) the Rift valley (see fig. B.2). The Mediterranean coastal plain, which is fertile land ..."

4. 40 Km Into Lebanon: Israel's 1982 Invasion by H. Thomas Davis (1995)
"... seized control of the entire negev desert; and cleared all of the central Galilee in the north.23 Following one more period of combat in November, ..."

5. Watershed: The Role of Fresh Water in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Stephen C. Lonergan, David B. Brooks (1994)
"... at the northern end of the Golan Heights) to quite arid in the negev desert only 500 km to the south. The climate is also variable throughout the year, ..."

6. Human Rights in the Middle East by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"... charge or trial at Ansar III Concentration Camp in the negev desert, thus substituting one punishment illegal under international law for another. ..."

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