Definition of Nephthys

1. Noun. Egyptian goddess associated with ritual of the dead; sister of Geb and Nut; wife of Set.

Generic synonyms: Egyptian Deity

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Literary usage of Nephthys

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians by John Gardner Wilkinson (1878)
"nephthys, lady of heaven, regent of the two countries.' Egyptian tombs. She is sometimes called "'a daughter of the sun,' though ..."

2. Egyptian Literature: Comprising Egyptian Tales, Hymns, Litanies, Invocations by Epiphanius Wilson (1901)
"I have since published and completely translated this interesting document ( " Les Lamentations d'Isis et dc nephthys," Paris, 1866), and now give the ..."

3. Egypt's Place in Universal History: An Historical Investigation in Five Books by Christian Karl Josias Bunsen, Samuel Birch, Philo, Charles Herbert Cottrell (1848)
"NBTHT, nephthys. Her hieroglyphic explains the meaning of the name nebt-hi, mistress of the house, nephthys. Though we do not know hi as the Coptic word for ..."

4. A Second Series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians by John Gardner Wilkinson (1841)
"... midst of their assemblies, and then chopping it in pieces." NEPTHYS, nephthys, NEB-THY, THE END. nephthys, the sister of Isis, and youngest daughter of ..."

5. The Geography of Herodotus ...: Illustrated from Modern Researches and by James Talboys Wheeler (1854)
"Isis hears of the disaster, and discovers Anubis, the son of Osiris by her sister nephthys.—Obtains the chest which had been stranded at Byblos ; Typhon ..."

6. A Catalogue of the British Non-parasitical Worms in the Collection of the by George Johnston (1865)
"Nereis (nephthys) lineata, Dalyell, Pow. Great.u. 146. pl. 21. f. 4-10. White-worm, Lurg or Lurgan, ... nephthys caeca. a. Worm of lhe natural size. b. ..."

7. The Literature of Egypt and the Soudan from the Earliest Times to the Year by Ibrahim-Hilmy (1888)
"The Lamentations of Isis and nephthys. REBER (FRANZ VON). Kunstgeschichte des Alterthums. With 250 woodcuts. Leipzig, 1871. 8°. History of ancient Art.. ..."

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