Definition of Neural net

1. Noun. Computer architecture in which processors are connected in a manner suggestive of connections between neurons; can learn by trial and error.

Exact synonyms: Neural Network
Generic synonyms: Computer Architecture

2. Noun. Any network of neurons or nuclei that function together to perform some function in the body.
Exact synonyms: Neural Network
Group relationships: Nervous System, Systema Nervosum
Generic synonyms: Reticulum
Specialized synonyms: Reticular Formation, Rf, Ras, Reticular Activating System

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Literary usage of Neural net

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Overview of the Third Text Retrieval Conference (Trec-3)edited by D. K. Harmon edited by D. K. Harmon (1996)
"... to Search (Average per Query, in CPU seconds): 150 - Component Times : build neural net input representation, score against trained neural net - Run ID ..."

2. Electromechanical Design in Europe: University Research and Industrial Practice by D. E. Whitney (1993)
"The neural net has been built for the evaluation and redesign phase. ... This large and ambitious neural net is still under development. ..."

3. Statistics in Molecular Biology and Genetics: Selected Proceedings of a 1997 by Françoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch (1999)
"(1996)] and later also a feed forward neural net with one hidden layer of about half of the ... Prediction accuracy obtained with the neural net for the 11 ..."

4. Game Theory, Optimal Stopping, Probability and Statistics: Papers in Honor by Thomas Shelburne Ferguson, F. Thomas Bruss, Lucien Marie Le Cam (2000)
"The main alternative way of making such predictions at present is the neural net approach. This could be applied in this instance, and would no doubt yield ..."

5. Profiting from Chaos: Using Chaos Theory for Market Timing, Stock Selection by Tonis Vaga (1994)
"Once you have trained a neural net and are generating predictions, you still do not know why the decisions are being made, and can't fmd out ..."

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