Definition of New jazz

1. Noun. Any of various styles of jazz that appeared after 1940.

Exact synonyms: Modern Jazz, Neo Jazz
Generic synonyms: Jazz

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Literary usage of New jazz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. He Usually Lived with a Female: The Life of a California Newspaperman by George Garrigues (2006)
"San Francisco Examiner, March 12, 1961. A new jazz LABEL ... against this somewhat negative background that Candid Records — a new jazz label but already a ..."

2. Jazz on Film and Video in the Library of Congress by Rebecca D. Clear (1994)
"VBJ 4916 An episode of the series devoted to new jazz as of the mid-Seventies. Herbie Hancock and his Headhunters (Mike Clarke, Paul Jackson, Bennie Maupin ..."

3. Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 6 by Ellen Linnihan (2003)
"When many blacks moved north, Chicago became a hotbed of new jazz styles. Making the Big Time Jazz music went "mainstream" when big bands took it to the ..."

4. The First World War, 1914-1918: Personal Experiences of Lieut.-Col. C. à by Charles à Court Repington (1920)
"Her virtue is above rubies,' gushed the admirer. ' Try diamonds,' replied the cynic. Another tale of M. Cambon on his first sight of the new Jazz dancing. ..."

5. Adventure Guide to the Alps by Krista Dana (2004)
"... highlight the warmer months and, in late-August, a new Jazz Festival closes out the summer season. Dial o 0544 5366 or check for more ..."

6. The A.L.A. Green Book by Automobile Legal Association, ALA Auto & Travel Club (1920)
"RATHSKELLER AMERICAN HOUSE, BOSTON "The House of Good Cheer" Open from Noon I nt iI 1 AM CABARET AND DANCING TWO ORCHESTRAS Imperial Marimba Band new jazz ..."

7. The Big Town: How I and the Mrs. Go to New York to See Life and Get Katie a by Ring Lardner, Bobbs-Merrill Company, Braunworth & Co (1921)
"... we went out and listened a wile to the orchestra, which had brought a lot of new jazz from the Prince of Pilsen, and we waited for the new dude to show ..."

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