Definition of Niagara river

1. Noun. A river flowing from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario; forms boundary between Ontario and New York.

Exact synonyms: Niagara
Group relationships: Canada, America, The States, U.s., U.s.a., United States, United States Of America, Us, Usa
Terms within: Niagara, Niagara Falls
Generic synonyms: River

Definition of Niagara river

1. Proper noun. A river in North America flowing to the north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario and including the Niagara Falls. ¹

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Literary usage of Niagara river

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann (1913)
"... with directions to establish a post on the niagara river near Lake Erie and to make preparations for the building of a ship for the navigation of the ..."

2. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1892)
"The water supply of the City of Buffalo is taken from the niagara river, ... The distilled water made from the niagara river water, gives a distinct acid ..."

3. The Americana: A Universal Reference Library, Comprising the Arts and ...edited by Frederick Converse Beach, George Edwin Rines edited by Frederick Converse Beach, George Edwin Rines (1912)
"These rivers could not have drained along the present niagara river, ... The present niagara river flows at Buffalo over rock at a depth of from 14 to 16 ..."

4. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: “a” Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature edited by Hugh Chisholm (1911)
"The water, being supplied by a lake, is free from sediment, and Bird's-eye sketch of niagara river and gorge, from the north. LE. Lake Erie. ЕЕ, Escarpment. ..."

5. Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers by American Institute of Electrical Engineers (1908)
"coming from the niagara river to Lockport, and constitute, therefore, at present, a branch line, but they will be eventually extended clear through to the ..."

6. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1894)
"Discharge of the niagara river.—This is only important in order to learn what is the ... Sketch of the Lake History and the Nativity of niagara river. ..."

7. Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1891)
"THE niagara river is interesting to geologists because of its supposed relations to the glacier, and because many hope from the ..."

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