Definition of Nine times

1. Adverb. By a factor of nine. "My investment has increased ninefold"

Exact synonyms: Ninefold

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Literary usage of Nine times

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Journal of Psychology by Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener (1889)
"For bitter, the root is marked 1 nine times and 2 once. The edge, 2 nine times and 3 once. The tip 1 once and 4 nine times ; the soft palate, 2-3 ten times. ..."

2. A complete dictionary of the English languageby Thomas Sheridan by Thomas Sheridan (1797)
"nine times twenty. NINETEEN, nl'ne-tén. a. Nine and ten. ... The ' t* th nine times told. NINETY, nî'ne-ty. a. nine times ten. NINNY, nln'-nf. f. ..."

3. Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries by Edward Bagby Pollard, Mitchell Carroll, Alfred Brittain, Pierce Butler, John Robert Effinger, Hugo Paul Thieme, Hermann Schoenfeld, Bartlett Burleigh James, John Ruse Larus (1908)
"... put to flight The death-denouncing phantoms of the night; And I nine times, in linen garbs arrayed, In silent night, nine times to Trivia prayed. ..."

4. The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1886)
"But the number 36 divided into nine makes exactly 4 enneads ; for nine times 4 are 36, and nothing is over. It is evident, then, that the actual root is 9. ..."

5. Six Months in America by Godfrey Thomas Vigne (1833)
"With one of these, after a little practice, a man may load and fire eight or nine times in a minute. The arrangement is very simple. ..."

6. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable: Giving the Derivation, Source, Or Origin of by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (1898)
"At the Lemn'ria, held by the Romans on the 9th, llth, and 13th of May, persons haunted threw block twin's over their heads, pronouncing nine times the ..."

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