Definition of Nitrogen narcosis

1. Noun. Confused or stuporous state caused by high levels of dissolved nitrogen in the blood. "Deep-sea divers can suffer nitrogen narcosis from breathing air under high pressure"

Generic synonyms: Narcosis

Definition of Nitrogen narcosis

1. Noun. A condition of disorientation, intoxication and stupor caused by increased levels of dissolved nitrogen in the blood; occurs in divers breathing air under pressure; the "rapture of the deep". ¹

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Medical Definition of Nitrogen narcosis

1. Narcosis produced by nitrogenous materials such as occurs in certain forms of uraemia and hepatic coma, the stuporous condition characterised by disorientation and by loss of judgment and skill, attributed to an increased partial pressure of nitrogen in the inspired air of deepsea divers during underwater operations. Commonly referred to as "rapture of the deep." (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Nitrogen narcosis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The U. S. Coal Industry, 1970-1990: Two Decades of Change (1994)
"Divers experiencing nitrogen narcosis may have feelings of elation and well-being (euphoria) and a sense of detachment from the environment, accompanied by ..."

2. U. S. Navy Diving Manual: Air Diving (1999)
"There is no specific treatment for nitrogen narcosis; the diver must be brought to ... They are familiar with the extent to which nitrogen narcosis impairs ..."

3. Risk Assessment for Neurobehavioral Toxicity edited by Bernard Weiss, Jurg Elsner (1997)
"nitrogen narcosis and underwater performance. Ergonomics 11:157-164 (1968). 413. 405. Naitoh P, Angus RG. Napping and human functioning during prolonged ..."

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