Definition of Northeaster

1. Noun. A storm blowing from the northeast.

Exact synonyms: Noreaster
Generic synonyms: Storm, Violent Storm
Derivative terms: Northeasterly

Definition of Northeaster

1. n. A storm, strong wind, or gale, coming from the northeast.

Definition of Northeaster

1. Noun. A strong wind blowing from the northeast. ¹

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Definition of Northeaster

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Northeaster

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Guide to the Works of Art in New York City by Florence Nightingale Levy (1916)
"Paintings by contemporary Americans are continued in gallery 13 and 14 (contains "northeaster" by Winslow Homer, ill. no. 22). The end wall of 13 is filled ..."

2. Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Norfolk and Vicinity: Including by William S. Forrest (1853)
"... Scenery—northeaster—Terrific Scene—Storm —Hampton—Captain Smith—Indians—Kecoughtan—Battle in the Revolution—Attack of the British in 1813—Barbarous ..."

3. Old Plymouth Trails by Winthrop Packard (1920)
"CHAPTER XV GHOSTS OF THE northeaster "The Fourth of July is past; the summer is gone," says a New England proverb. In this as in many a quaint saying of our ..."

4. Hawaiian Yesterdays: Chapters from a Boy's Life in the Islands in the Early Days by Henry Munson Lyman (1906)
"... Gulf Stream — An "Old-fashioned northeaster"— Terrific Storm at Sea—Mont auk Point and Block Island—In New Bedford Harbor — On Shore in a Strange Land. ..."

5. Coastal Construction Manual: Prin. & Practices of Planning, Siting, Design Christopher Jones by Christopher Jones (2001)
"This northeaster was the most intense and damaging in coastal Delaware and Maryland since the Ash Wednesday 1962 northeaster. A FEMA Building Performance ..."

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