Definition of Northern lobster

1. Noun. Flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender claws; caught from Maine to the Carolinas.

Exact synonyms: American Lobster, Maine Lobster
Group relationships: American Lobster, Homarus Americanus, Maine Lobster
Generic synonyms: Lobster

2. Noun. Lobster of Atlantic coast of America.
Exact synonyms: American Lobster, Homarus Americanus, Maine Lobster
Generic synonyms: True Lobster
Group relationships: Genus Homarus, Homarus
Terms within: American Lobster, Maine Lobster

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Literary usage of Northern lobster

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Atlantic Canada by Benoit Prieur (2002)
"The American Lobster (Homarus Americanus) The American lobster, also known as the "northern lobster" lives along the eastern coast of North America, ..."

2. Half Hours with Insects by Alpheus Spring Packard (1877)
"THE Crustacea afford in the northern lobster, the spiny lobster of the tropies, and numerous kinds of shrimps and crabs, many choice bits for our larder. ..."

3. Across the Everglades: A Canoe Journey of Exploration by Hugh Laussat Willoughby (1898)
"The crawfish is much like our northern lobster, but has a more delicate flavor and the shell is thinner. Instead of the large claws, it has feelers that are ..."

4. Report of the United States Entomological Commission by United States Entomological commission (1878)
"Apropos of locusts as an article of food, we may quote as follows from Mr. Packard's Half Hours with Insects: The Crustacea afford in the northern lobster, ..."

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