Definition of Nuclear submarine

1. Noun. A submarine that is propelled by nuclear power.

Exact synonyms: Nautilus, Nuclear-powered Submarine
Generic synonyms: Pigboat, Sub, Submarine, U-boat

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Literary usage of Nuclear submarine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cold War in Asia edited by James G. Hershberg (1996)
"Investigation into 1970 fire aboard nuclear submarine "K-8. ... New data on disaster aboard nuclear submarine PL-574 which claimed 89 lives. ..."

2. Overcoming Impediments to U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Nuclear by National Research Council (U.S.), Security Development, and Cooperation, Policy and Global Affairs (2004)
"nuclear submarine Dismantlement The resolution of the House of Representatives ... The history of the Russian nuclear submarine decommissioning within the ..."

3. French Security And Defence Policy: Current Developments And Future Prospects by Fredrik Wetterqvist (1993)
"The most obvious element would be to work towards an integration of their nuclear submarine fleets. Co-ordination of the targeting would increase the ..."

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