Definition of Nuffield

1. Noun. British industrialist who manufactured automobiles and created a philanthropic foundation (1877-1963).

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Literary usage of Nuffield

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Ecclesiastical and Architectural Topography of Englandby Thomas Rickman by Thomas Rickman (1850)
"nuffield, Holy Trinity. A small church of the D. style, part ancient and part modern, carefully restored by Mr. Ferrey. It consists of chancel, nave, ..."

2. Bulletin by Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (1904)
"nuffield FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF EXTRACTION METALLURGY. The nuffield Foundation is prepared, for a period of five ..."

3. Philosophical Transactions by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1803)
"20° 58' 39" NE Butser Hill and Highclere - 34 20 17 NW Highclere and nuffield - - 35 3° 4° NE nuffield and Brill - - 4 51 15 NW ..."

4. Visitation of England and Wales by Joseph Jackson Howard, Frederick Arthur Crisp (1901)
"William Toovey Hopkins, Rector of nuffield, co.Oxford; born 16 Dec. ... Leicester (by the nuffield 19 June 1864 ; educated at Cheltenham Rev. ..."

5. An Account of the Operations Carried Out for Accomplishing a Trigonometrical by William Mudge, Isaac Dalby, Thomas Colby, Great Britain Ordnance Survey (1801)
"nuffield and Shotover Hill - - •• 35 34 22,25 23-75 J23'2S nuffield and Brill - - . ... Highclere and nuffield - - - 63 7 53,25 "1 At nuffield. ..."

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