Definition of Nursing school

1. Noun. A school for training nurses.

Exact synonyms: School Of Nursing
Generic synonyms: School

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Literary usage of Nursing school

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of American Red Cross Nursing by Lavinia L. Dock (1922)
"As desiring to become candidates for the Army nursing school recently established by authority of the War Department, with branch schools in selected ..."

2. Afghanistan's Two-Party Communism: Parcham and Khalq by Anthony Arnold (1983)
"After Anahita completed her primary education and a year of nursing school, she went back to teach at her elementary alma mater, Malalai School. ..."

3. Report of the Committee on Inquiry Into the Departments of Health, Charities by New York (N.Y.). Board of estimate and apportionment. Committee on inquiry into the Departments of health, charities, and Bellevue and allied hospitals, George McAneny, Henry Collier Wright (1913)
"Provision is also made for the supervision of the nursing school and home. The number of relief and clerical nurses necessary would depend on local ..."

4. History of the Massachusetts General Hospital Training School for Nurses by Sara E. Parsons (1922)
"Dr. Cowles had recently accepted the superintendency of McLean, coming to it from the Boston City Hospital, where a nursing school was established under his ..."

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