Definition of Objective case

1. Noun. The case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb.

Exact synonyms: Accusative, Accusative Case
Generic synonyms: Oblique, Oblique Case
Derivative terms: Accusative

Definition of Objective case

1. Noun. (grammar) the form of a noun or pronoun used as the object of a verb or a preposition. ¹

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Literary usage of Objective case

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Grammar: Adapted to the Different Classes of Learners : with an by Lindley Murray (1811)
"In English, the nominative case, denoting the subject, usually goes before the verb ; and the objective case, denoting the object, ..."

2. English Grammar: The English Language in Its Elements and Forms ; with a by William Chauncey Fowler (1855)
"Nouns in the objective case follow certain verbs in the Passive voice, namely, the verbs mentioned in the preceding note as governing two objectives in the ..."

3. The Grammar of English Grammars: With an Introduction, Historical and by Goold Brown (1858)
"Reckless of the current usage of grammarians, and even of self-consistency, both author and reviser will have no objective case of nouns, ..."

4. The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever, Easley Stephen Jones (1918)
"Guard against the improper attraction of who into the objective case by intervening expressions like he says. ..."

5. The Mother Tongue by Sarah Louise Arnold, George Lyman Kittredge, John Hays Gardiner (1901)
"NOMINATIVE AND objective case. 282. Nouns and pronouns, as we have ... A substantive that is the Object of a verb or preposition is in the objective case. ..."

6. English Grammar Simplified: Its Study Made Easy by James Champlin Fernald (1916)
"The objective case (1) A noun used as the object of a verb, forming what is called the direct object, is in the objective case; as, He repelled the intruder ..."

7. The Institutes of English Grammar, Methodically Arranged: With Examples for by Goold Brown (1851)
"G.—When a verb is followed by two words in the objective case, which are neither in apposition nor connected by a conjunction, one of them is governed by a ..."

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