Definition of Ocean trip

1. Noun. An act of traveling by water.

Exact synonyms: Voyage
Specialized synonyms: Cruise, Sail, Maiden Voyage
Generic synonyms: Seafaring, Water Travel
Derivative terms: Voyage

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Literary usage of Ocean trip

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Smiling 'round the World by Marshall Pinckney Wilder (1908)
"... at Her Devotions — " Sky Pilot" Brings Bad Luck — Captain Drops Sunday — My First ocean trip—Leper Island and Father Damien —Welcomed by the Naval Boys. ..."

2. Sketches of Travel: Or, Twelve Months in Europe by Horatio King (1878)
"... although there is hardly anything more monotonous than an ocean trip on a smooth sea; and as we (myself and wife,) had fine weather the most of the way, ..."

3. General Grant's Tour Around the World: With a Sketch of His Life (1879)
"... Down the Delaware — The ocean trip — Queenstown — Liverpool — An Enthusiastic Reception — Manchester — Leicester —An Interesting Letter — London — A ..."

4. Bulletin of the American Library Association by American Library Association (1914)
"Those desiring ocean trip can leave Boston by the Merchants & Miners Transportation Co. line, Friday, May 22, at 5 p. т., reaching Baltimore Monday morning ..."

5. The Port of Boston: A Study and a Solution of the Traffic and Operating by Edwin Jones Clapp (1916)
"3355 493 The result of this situation is that the operating expenses of an ocean trip to and from Boston are less than to and from any of the other ports. ..."

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