Definition of Of each person

1. Adverb. Per person. "We are spending $5,000 per capita annually for education in this district"

Exact synonyms: For Each Person, Per Capita

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Literary usage of Of each person

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Statutes of Ohio and of the Northwestern Territory, Adopted Or Enacted by Ohio, Salmon Portland Chase, Northwest Territory (1833)
"... if more than one—five cents each ; commitment of each person—twenty-five cents ; mileage from the place of examination to the county jail—five cents per ..."

2. British Popular Customs, Present and Past: Illustrating the Social and by Thomas Firminger Thiselton Dyer (1900)
"The avowed object of each person is to see the fun, which consists in the men kissing the females, without reserve, whether married or single. ..."

3. The Works of William Robertson: To which is Prefixed an Account of His Life by William Robertson, Alexander Stewart (1820)
"In these they descend into minute details with respect to isio. the character of each person, his abilities natural or acquired, his temper, his experience ..."

4. Biennial Report by California Bureau of Labor Statistics (1904)
"Each employment agent in the State of California shall keep a written record, which shall show the name of each person making application to said agent for ..."

5. Journal of Social Science: Containing the Proceedings of the American by American Social Science Association, Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, Frederick Stanley Root (1882)
"That is to say, when the products or services of each person were brought ... That is to say, the average product of each person may be estimated by auy one ..."

6. Biennial Report by North Dakota State Board of Health (1908)
"... and if he is the attending physician of each person he shall report not less than twice in each week the condition of each person as afflicted and the ..."

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