Definition of Old south

1. Noun. The South of the United States before the American Civil War.

Generic synonyms: South

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Literary usage of Old south

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the ... Annual Meeting by Southern Educational Association (1899)
"There are people who object to the terms old South and new South, ... Of the educational conditions that existed in the old South, few people have a correct ..."

2. Old New England Churches and Their Children by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon (1906)
"CHAPTER IV old south CHURCH, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS FIRST and Second Church, Trinity and the old south present in their histories each phase Puritan ..."

3. The South in the Building of the Nation: A History of the Southern States by Walter Lynwood Fleming (1909)
"STREET RAILWAYS IN THE old south. No one has written any comprehensive account of the early development of street ..."

4. A History of the American People by Woodrow Wilson (1918)
"... the report he made as from the Committee of Correspondence to the Boston town meeting, on November 20,1772. Text from "old south Leaflet," Vol. VII.,No. ..."

5. The American Revolution by John Fiske (1891)
"As the 6th of March drew near, several British officers were heard to declare that any one who should dare to address the people in the old south Church on ..."

6. Library of Southern Literature by Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris, Charles William Kent (1909)
"THE old south AND THE NEW SOUTH From "Address before the Confederate Survivors' Association," Augusta, Georgia, April 26, 1889. IN this epoch of commercial ..."

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