Definition of Olympics

1. Noun. The modern revival of the ancient games held once every 4 years in a selected country.

Definition of Olympics

1. Proper noun. The Olympic Games. ¹

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Definition of Olympics

1. an International competition in chess etc [n]

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Literary usage of Olympics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Evictions and the Right to Housing: Experience from Canada, Chile, the by Antonio Azuela (1998)
"133) suggested that the olympics symbolized the urban transformation in both population growth and downtown expansion that recently had occurred in the city ..."

2. The Cults of the Greek States by Lewis Richard Farnell (1896)
"THE STATUE OF ZEUS olympics. The image of the god wrought by Pheidias at the zenith of his artistic renown for the temple of Olympia was regarded as the ..."

3. Recreation by George O. Shields, American Canoe Association, League of American Sportsmen (1899)
"A TRAMP IN THE olympics. RALPH CI.ARK. Probably one of the least known parts of our land is the region, about 60 miles square, occupied by the Olympic ..."

4. Western Field by Olympic Club (San Francisco, Calif.), California Game and Fish Protective Association (1905)
"One sees the olympics northwest from Seattle. ... I have heard a great deal about the olympics," said a tourist, " but I have waited here a whole week and ..."

5. The Anatomy of Melancholy: What it Is, with All the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms by Robert Burton (1880)
"Fortune and Virtue, Wisdom and Folly, their seconds, upon a time contended in the olympics ... olympics ..."

6. A Classical and Topographical Tour Through Greece, During the Years 1801 by Edward Dodwell (1819)
"Corinthian ruins in the Bazar—other imperfect remains. Modern walls and gates of Athens. Arch of Hadrian. Temple of Jupiter olympics. ..."

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