Definition of On a regular basis

1. Adverb. In a regular manner. "Letters arrived regularly from his children"

Exact synonyms: Regularly
Antonyms: Irregularly
Partainyms: Regular

Definition of On a regular basis

1. Adverb. (idiomatic) regularly, occurring in regular time intervals or patterns ¹

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Literary usage of On a regular basis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Canada by Publi Oecd Published by Oecd Publishing (2005)
"The law defines a severe disability as one which prevents an individual from doing their former job, or any other job, on a regular basis. ..."

2. An Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools & Classrooms by Sherri Quinones, Rita Kirshstein (2000)
"Level 3 I read the newsgroups that interest me on a regular basis, ... Level 2 I have some information sent to me on a regular basis through e-mail and I ..."

3. Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People: A Report of the Surgeon General by M. Joycelyn Elders (1997)
"In the fourth stage, regular use, an adolescent smokes on a regular basis, usually at least weekly, and increasingly across a variety of situations and ..."

4. Poverty and Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Haroon Bhorat, S. M. Ravi Kanbur (2007)
"Fewer than half of African households have their refuse removed on a regular basis, and a further two-fifths make use of their own refuse dumps. ..."

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