Definition of On your guard

1. Adjective. Vigilant. "Must remain on your guard in such a situation"

Exact synonyms: On Guard, On One's Guard, Upon One's Guard
Similar to: Wary

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Literary usage of On your guard

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Calendar of State Papers by Great Britain Public Record Office, John William Fortescue (1904)
"Keep a watchful eye on all strangers, and be on your guard against such emissaries. Si (/ned, J. Bridgewater, Tanker- ville, Ph. Meadows, Jo. ..."

2. The Writings of George Washington: Being His Correspondence, Addresses by George Washington (1847)
"... that you may be on your guard, and prepared to receive him as well as you can. I shall be glad to hear from you frequently, and to be informed of any ..."

3. Diaries and Correspondence of James Harris, First Earl of Malmesbury by James Harris Malmesbury (1844)
"defending them, appropriate them to herself. This is so natural an incident that I feel the inutility of putting your Lordship on your guard on the subject. ..."

4. The Chinese Repository edited by Elijah Coleman Bridgman, Samuel Wells Willaims (1840)
"Be on your guard then, and tremble with fear. A special edict. (Sep. 27th ) ART. IX. Provincial reports *r,~tl imperial edicts relative to the occupation ..."

5. Wife No. 19, Or the Story of a Life in Bondage: Being a Complete Exposé of by Ann Eliza Young (1875)
"How Mr. Langford expressed his Opinion too Freely. — Mormon Friends kindly advise him to " Shut Up." — " Be on your Guard ! " — Poetry among the Saints : a ..."

6. The Life of William Wilberforce by Robert Isaac Wilberforce, Caspar Morris, Samuel Wilberforce (1839)
"That you may be on your guard against the temptations when they do occur— " 2. Recollect, if you can, what the occasions are which have most commonly led ..."

7. Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern English and Foreign Sources by James Wood (1899)
"Hor, Quid deceat, quid non obliti—Neglectful of what —Be ever on your guard what you >ay of any is seemly and what is not. Hor. ..."

8. Larcher's Notes on Herodotus: Historical and Critical Comments on the by Pierre-Henri Larcher (1844)
"Supreme power* is on all sides exposed to the attacks of those who have conceived a violent desire for it ; you must, my father, be on your guard against ..."

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