Definition of One-dimensionality

1. Noun. The property of having one dimension.

Exact synonyms: Linearity
Generic synonyms: Dimensionality
Derivative terms: Linear

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Literary usage of One-dimensionality

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Space, Time, and Deity: The Gifford Lectures at Glasgow, 1916-1918 by Samuel Alexander (1920)
"It is essential to bear in mind the one-dimensionality of Time and the independence of the three dimensions of Space of one another. ..."

2. Voices of Liberationby Gerald Pillay by Gerald Pillay (1993)
"Any reassessment that ignores this polyphonic voice of the liberation struggle will only succeed in producing a distorted historical one- dimensionality. ..."

3. The Monist by Hegeler Institute (1893)
"... Mr. BI Oilman, who was a pupil of Mr. CS Peirce. seeks to give a formulation of one-dimensionality in which the general notion of relation and converse ..."

4. Mental Health, United States, 1998 edited by Ronald W Manderscheid, Marilyn J Henderson (1999)
"... such as the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire, have a limit to their sensitivity and content validity due to their one-dimensionality (Ruggeri 1994). ..."

5. African Voices on Structural Adjustment by Thandika Mkandawire (2003)
"A set of the criticisms come under the accusation of "one dimensionality and selectivity of data." By this, the Bank is accused of (a) taking a pre-deter- ..."

6. The House of the Dead by Marc Ponomareff (2005)
"The seeming one-dimensionality of the past, if left alone, could easily render the noise of a conflagration unremarkable, the appearance of flames pale ..."

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