Definition of One-year

1. Adjective. Completing its life cycle within a year. "A border of annual flowering plants"

Exact synonyms: Annual
Category relationships: Botany, Phytology
Derivative terms: Annual
Antonyms: Biennial, Perennial

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Literary usage of One-year

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Geography by National Council of Geography Teachers (U.S.) (1905)
"Of the sixty schools three devote one-fourth to one-third of a year to geography, fifteen one-half year, thirty one year, four one and one-half years, ..."

2. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1916)
"The money saved by these 24 farmers in treating their oats pays more than one-half the cost of running the soil improvement association for one year. ..."

3. Library Journal by American Library Association, Library Association, Richard Rogers Bowker, Charles Ammi Cutter (1908)
"High School; one year Oberlin College; eight months apprentice Janesville (Wis. ... High School; one year each at Olivet College, Mich., State Normal School ..."

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