Definition of Open primary

1. Noun. A primary in which any registered voter can vote (but must vote for candidates of only one party).

Generic synonyms: Direct Primary

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Literary usage of Open primary

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nominating Systems: Direct Primaries Versus Conventions in the United States by Ernst Christopher Meyer (1902)
"... requiring a sworn declaration of party affiliation, and the balloting of a separate party ticket, to the "open primary" system, where only the general ..."

2. Selected Articles on Direct Primaries by Clara Elizabeth Fanning (1911)
"The open primary has the names of all the candidates arranged in ... It is readily seen that by the open primary party distinctions are quickly eradicated. ..."

3. Primary Elections, the Test of Party Affiliation by Margaret Anna Schaffner, University of Wisconsin (1908)
"open primary Secrecy in voting. Under the open primary the use of the Australian ballot enables an elector to vote a party primary ticket without disclosing ..."

4. State Government in the United States by Arthur Norman Holcombe (1916)
"At present the open primary system is established in about half of the states in ... The alternative to an open primary is one in which the primary of each ..."

5. Proceedings of the ... Conference for Good City Government and of the by National Municipal League (1907)
"Thereupon, though our bill had been drafted the preceding year with the open primary in it, we redrew it and made it a closed primary; and my friends, ..."

6. An Introduction to Political Parties and Practical Politics by Perley Orman Ray (1913)
"In the open primary a voter may vote for the candidates for nomination of ... The best example of the open primary is to be found in the State of Wisconsin. ..."

7. The Government of American Cities by William Bennett Munro (1920)
"This is commonly called the "open" primary. Candidates for nomination at the open primary bear the designations of their respective parties; ..."

8. The National Government of the United States by Everett Kimball (1920)
"From 1916 to 1917 Massachusetts adopted the open primary, at which nominees of all parties were arranged in party columns and the voters of all parties ..."

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