Definition of Open weave

1. Noun. A weave in which warp threads never come together, leaving interstices in the fabric.

Generic synonyms: Weave

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Literary usage of Open weave

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Textiles and Clothing by Ellen Beers McGowan, Charlotte Augusta Waite, A. (1919)
"Air not in motion is a poor conductor of heat, so if held in the meshes of an open weave it helps to hold in the body heat. Furs are warm because they hold ..."

2. Industrial Studies and Exercises by O.S. Reimold by Orlando Schairer Reimold, David Prescott Barrows (1910)
"Pots may be covered with an open weave of bejuco, as shown in the first picture. Probably you know some other pretty open weave to use. ..."

3. Textiles: A Handbook for the Student and the Consumer by Mary Schenck Woolman, Ellen Beers Mcgowan (1920)
"Alone, its smooth, elastic feeling is often unpleasant, but the Chinese utilize it wisely by wearing it over a very open weave of cotton. ..."

4. Textiles by Paul Henry Nystrom (1916)
"Any weave that helps the cloth to absorb is in its nature more difficult to clean than an open weave fabric. Kind of fiber.—The kind of textile fibers used ..."

5. The Craftsman by Gustav Stickley (1907)
"This open weave is well suited for a bath mat, as it is soft to stand on, especially when made of Canton flannel; this weave is also ..."

6. Dictionary of Textiles by Louis Harmuth (1915)
"Aida Canvas—Plain and open weave fabric, woven with one thread in each warp and filling, often also with two threads paired without twist; made of linen, ..."

7. Handicrafts for the Handicapped by Herbert James Hall, Mertice McCrea Buck Knox (1916)
"... border should be flat, rather than coiled One of the photographs shows an open weave ornamented by adding spokes to form a cross each open space. ..."

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