Definition of Opisthocomus

1. Noun. Type genus of the Opisthocomidae: hoatzins.

Exact synonyms: Genus Opisthocomus
Generic synonyms: Bird Genus
Group relationships: Family Opisthocomidae, Opisthocomidae
Member holonyms: Hoactzin, Hoatzin, Opisthocomus Hoazin, Stinkbird

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Literary usage of Opisthocomus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Collected Scientific Papers of the Late Alfred Henry Garrod by Alfred Henry Garrod, William Alexander Forbes (1881)
"NOTES ON POINTS IN THE ANATOMY OF THE HOATZIN (opisthocomus ... opisthocomus, concluding, as the result of his study of the bird, that it should constitute ..."

2. British Central Africa: An Attempt to Give Some Account of a Portion of the by Harry Hamilton Johnston (1898)
"... their unfeathered wings reminded me of what I had read concerning the young of opisthocomus, though of course the habits were not so strongly marked, ..."

3. The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley by Thomas Henry Huxley, Michael Foster (1901)
"The skull of opisthocomus eris- tatus, viewed from below, with the palatine bones ... processes—a circumstance in which opisthocomus differs from all the ..."

4. Proceedings by Zoological Society of London (1868)
"In my paper on the Classification of Birds I have described the palate of opisthocomus (p. 435), and have shown that it has an Alec- ..."

5. The Ibis by British Ornithologists' Union (1892)
"Dr. Gadow describes and figures the peculiar crop and stomach of the Hoatzin, opisthocomus cristatus, and preaches us an excellent sermon with this ..."

6. Liberia by Harry Hamilton Johnston, Otto Stapf (1906)
"In many ways opisthocomus (which in outward appearance somewhat resembles the turacos) is a primitive or generalised type of bird, which exhibits still in ..."

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