Definition of Orange toast

1. Noun. Buttered toast with sugar and grated orange rind and a little orange juice.

Generic synonyms: Toast

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Literary usage of Orange toast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ireland in '98: Sketches of the Principal Men of the Time, Based Upon the by Richard Robert Madden (1888)
"... Orange lodge—Address of Lord Gosford — orange toast—Conspiracies of Orangemen — Joseph Hume — Puritan resolutions— Outrages committed by Orangemen—Lord ..."

2. The Orange Society by Henry William Cleary (1899)
"What he terms the " orange toast," was originally taken on the bare knees, and ran as follows : " The glorious, pious, and immortal memory of the great and ..."

3. The Aunts' Cook Book (1922)
"Pop in the oven a moment and serve very hot. orange toast Make very thin crisp toast, butter and spread thinly with orange marmalade or orange jelly. ..."

4. Notes and Queries by Martim de Albuquerque (1907)
"Recently I heard given an old Irish lady an orange toast to Ham III., eulogizing that monarch for ing them, among other things, from money," and expressing ..."

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