Definition of Order Chiroptera

1. Noun. An old order dating to early Eocene: bats: suborder Megachiroptera (fruit bats); suborder Microchiroptera (insectivorous bats).

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Literary usage of Order Chiroptera

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Families and Genera of Bats by Gerrit Smith Miller (1907)
"... narrowing and in the development of a well-defined cutting edge along the outer portion of the crowns, both above and below. Order CHIROPTERA. 1779. ..."

2. East African Mammals in the United States National Museum by Ned Hollister (1918)
"Part I consists of the reports on the insectivorous mammals (Order Insectivora), the bats (order Chiroptera), and the carnivores (Order Carnivora). ..."

3. The Mammals of Colorado: An Account of the Several Species Found Within the by Edward Royal Warren (1910)
"order Chiroptera This order contains the Bats, mammals with the fore limbs modified for flight; the bones of the arms and the fingers are enormously ..."

4. California Mammals by Frank Stephens (1906)
"order Chiroptera. (Bats.) Fore limbs modified for flight by the elongation of the forearm and fingers; fore and hind limbs connected by a membraneous ..."

5. The Geography of Mammals by William Lutley Sclater, Philip Lutley Sclater (1899)
"... and Deductions as regards the order Chiroptera. Table of the genera of Bats, showing the approximate number of species found in each of the six Regions. ..."

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