Definition of Order ornithischia

1. Noun. Extinct terrestrial reptiles having bird-like pelvises: armored dinosaurs (thyreophorans); boneheaded and horned dinosaurs (marginocephalians); duck-billed dinosaurs (euronithopods).

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Literary usage of Order ornithischia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dragons of the Air: An Account of Extinct Flying Reptiles by Harry Govier Seeley (1901)
"... with the pelvis on the Reptile plan; and secondly the order Ornithischia, represented by Igua- ..."

2. A Textbook of Geology by Amadeus William Grabau (1921)
"... to extremes of bulk and specialization, — which, in other words, had reached racial old age. The dinosaurs of the order Ornithischia, also called ..."

3. Geological Magazine by Henry Woodward (1892)
"... saurian division of the order ornithischia. 2. " A Comparison of the Red Rocks of the South Devon Coast with those of the Midland and Western Counties. ..."

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