Definition of Order percomorphi

1. Noun. One of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna.

Exact synonyms: Order Perciformes, Perciformes, Percomorphi
Generic synonyms: Animal Order
Group relationships: Acanthopterygii, Superorder Acanthopterygii
Member holonyms: Percoidea, Suborder Percoidea, Percoid, Percoid Fish, Percoidean, Perch, Anabantidae, Family Anabantidae, Family Percidae, Percidae, Family Trichodontidae, Trichodontidae, Family Ophidiidae, Ophidiidae, Brotulidae, Family Brotulidae, Carapidae, Family Carapidae, Centropomidae, Family Centropomidae, Esocidae, Family Esocidae, Centrarchidae, Family Centrarchidae, Bream, Freshwater Bream, Family Serranidae, Serranidae, Embiotocidae, Family Embiotocidae, Family Priacanthidae, Priacanthidae, Apogonidae, Family Apogonidae, Family Malacanthidae, Malacanthidae, Family Pomatomidae, Pomatomidae, Family Rachycentridae, Rachycentridae, Carangidae, Family Carangidae, Coryphaenidae, Family Coryphaenidae, Bramidae, Family Bramidae, Branchiostegidae, Family Branchiostegidae, Cichlidae, Family Cichlidae, Family Lutjanidae, Lutjanidae, Family Haemulidae, Haemulidae, Family Sparidae, Sparidae, Bream, Sea Bream, Family Sciaenidae, Sciaenidae, Family Mullidae, Mullidae, Mugiloidea, Suborder Mugiloidea, Family Kyphosidae, Kyphosidae, Ephippidae, Family Ephippidae, Chaetodontidae, Family Chaetodontidae, Family Pomacentridae, Pomacentridae, Family Labridae, Labridae, Family Scaridae, Scaridae, Family Polynemidae, Polynemidae, Family Opisthognathidae, Opisthognathidae, Family Uranoscopidae, Uranoscopidae, Blennioidea, Suborder Blennioidea, Ammodytidae, Family Ammodytidae, Callionymidae, Family Callionymidae, Family Gobiidae, Gobiidae, Eleotridae, Family Eleotridae, Family Percophidae, Percophidae, Family Toxotidae, Toxotidae, Family Microdesmidae, Microdesmidae, Acanthuridae, Family Acanthuridae, Family Gempylidae, Gempylidae, Family Trichiuridae, Trichiuridae, Scombroidea, Suborder Scombroidea, Family Stromateidae, Stromateidae, Family Gobiesocidae, Gobiesocidae, Family Lobotidae, Lobotidae, Family Gerreidae, Family Gerridae, Gerreidae, Gerridae

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Literary usage of Order percomorphi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin by Engineering Dept, National Electric Lamp Association, New Jersey Bureau of Geology and Topography, New Jersey Geological Survey, New Jersey Dept. of Conservation and Development, New Jersey Dept. of Conservation. Division of Forestry, Geology, Parks an (1911)
"Sub-Order PERCOMORPHI. THE PERCH-LIKE FISHES. tody variously formed, usually oblong. Head usually compressed laterally. Mouth and dentition various, ..."

2. Bibliography and Catalogue of the Fossil Vertebrata of North America by Oliver Perry Hay (1902)
"Leidy, J. 1855 C, p. 397. 1877 A, p. 254, pi. xxxiv, figĀ«. 8741. SandĀ» of Ashley River; South Carolina. Order PERCOMORPHI. ..."

3. Bulletin by Geological Survey of New Jersey (1911)
"Sub-Order PERCOMORPHI. THE PERCH-LIKE FISHES. Body variously formed, usually oblong. Head usually compressed laterally. Mouth and dentition various, ..."

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