Definition of Order rhamnales

1. Noun. An order of dicotyledonous plants.

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Literary usage of Order rhamnales

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Flora of Miami: Being Descriptions of the Seed-plants Growing Naturally on by John Kunkel Small (1913)
"Order RHAMNALES. Fruit a capsule : herbs. Order ARISTOLOCHIALES. b. Ovary inferior. Flowers not in involúcrate heads. Fruit 3-winged, splitting into 3 ..."

2. Flora of Pennsylvania by Thomas Conrad Porter (1903)
"Order RHAMNALES. 206 Fruit a capsule : herbs. Order ARISTOLOCHIALES. 112 dd. Ovary inferior. Flowers not in involúcrate heads. Fruit a berry or a drupe, ..."

3. A College Text-book of Botany: Being an Enlargement of the Author's by George Francis Atkinson (1905)
"order rhamnales.—Shrubs, vines, or small trees. There are two families, the buckthorn (Rhamnaceae), the grape family (Vitaceae), including the grapes ..."

4. Nature and Development of Plants by Carlton Clarence Curtis (1918)
"The original stock from which the navel oranges grown in our country have been derived, was obtained from Brazil. The Buckthorn order, Rhamnales, ..."

5. Maryland Geological Survey by Maryland Geological Survey (1906)
"SUNDERLAND FORMATION. Near the headwaters of Island Creek, Calvert County. Collections.—Maryland Geological Survey. Order RHAMNALES. Family VITACEAE. ..."

6. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1879)
"... of the Rhamnaceae (order Rhamnales), from three genera of which peptide alkaloids have been isolated and structurally characterized. ..."

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