Definition of Organised

1. Adjective. Being a member of or formed into a labor union. "A unionized shop"

Exact synonyms: Organized, Unionised, Unionized
Similar to: Union

Definition of Organised

1. Adjective. (alternative spelling of organized) ¹

2. Verb. (chiefly British) (past of organise) ¹

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Definition of Organised

1. organise [v] - See also: organise

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Literary usage of Organised

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Kant's Kritik of Judgment by Immanuel Kant (1892)
"Of the Ideological system in the external relations of organised beings By external ... But these latter must be organised beings, ie natural purposes, ..."

2. The Cell; Outlines of General Anatomy and Physiology: Outlines of General by Oscar Hertwig, Henry Johnstone Campbell (1895)
"In order to explain the chemico-physical properties of organised bodies, ... One of the most remarkable properties of an organised body is its capacity of ..."

3. Lectures on the Physiology of Plants by Sydney Howard Vines (1886)
"The swelling-up of organised Bodies (Imbibition}. We have already become familiar with this phenomenon, and we have discussed in detail the explanations of ..."

4. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or, The Preservation of by Charles Darwin (1889)
"... rudimentary, and lowly organised structures variable—Parts developed in an unusual manner are highly variable: specific characters more variable than ..."

5. English Constitutional History from the Teutonic Conquest to the Present Time by Thomas Pitt Taswell-Langmead (1905)
"organised opposition in Parliament by the " king's friends " to the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766. Ministry of Grafton and Pitt, 1766. ..."

6. Unemployment: A Problem of Industry by William Henry Beveridge Beveridge (1912)
"I. THE organised FLUIDITY OF LABOUR. The labour market. Different treatment of labour and other commodities ... organised and therefore limited fluidity of ..."

7. The Growth of English Industry and Commerce by William Cunningham (1907)
"Like the East Indian and the African Companies, as re-established at that time, it was organised upon a joint-stock basis. Despite the difficulties with ..."

8. Lectures on the Darwinian Theory by Arthur Milnes Marshall (1894)
"The answer is that these lowly organised forms occupy places which cannot be filled by the higher forms; as Wallace says: " There is no motive power to ..."

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