Definition of Outside mirror

1. Noun. Car mirror that reflects the view at side and behind car.

Generic synonyms: Car Mirror

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Literary usage of Outside mirror

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ageing and Transport: Mobility Needs and Safety Issues by Oecd (2001)
"... doctor's recommendation required or based on driving evaluation given at night Proof of financial responsibility Left outside mirror Right outside ..."

2. The British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review, Or, Quarterly Journal of (1860)
"The outside mirror is perforated, so that the observer looks through the mirror, and not at its side, and it is held in the mouth of the explorer. ..."

3. The Wonders of Optics by Fulgence Marion (1871)
"As the position of the sun is constantly changing, it is necessary to connect the outside mirror with a train of clockwork. It may be mentioned that an ..."

4. Ten-minute Plays: By Students for Students (2001). by Lindsay Price, Price, Lindsay, 1969- (2001)
"GIRL: It's so cold outside. MIRROR: You wont die... now come on, stop being so selfish. GIRL starts to undress, until now she has been wearing a big winter ..."

5. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1906)
"... platinum weights of 120, 121, 122, 140, 155-5, lo° m.grms., hung on from outside; mirror and telescope reading to a distance of 3 metres ; moreover, ..."

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