Definition of Ovimbundu

1. Noun. An ethnic group speaking Umbundu and living in western Angola.

Exact synonyms: Mbundu
Generic synonyms: Ethnic Group, Ethnos

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Literary usage of Ovimbundu

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Story of Africa and Its Explorers by Robert Brown (1894)
"The ovimbundu give this name to the ulterior tribes because when they try to ... Silva Porto's people, travelling with these ovimbundu, call the Zambesi ..."

2. Proceedings by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Francis Galton, William Spottiswoode, Clements Robert Markham, Henry Walter Bates, John Scott Keltie (1889)
"Silva Porto travelling with these ovimbundu calls the Zambesi river the ... country in company with ovimbundu traders, calls the Kasai river the ..."

3. Low-Intensity Conflict in the Third World by Stephen Blank, Lewis B. Ware, Air University (U.S.). Press (1988)
"The ovimbundu people, who constitute approximately 37 percent of the population, are located in west-central Angola. The second largest group, ..."

4. Angola: Arms Trade and Violations of the Laws of War Since the 1992 by Arms Project (Human Rights Watch), Human Rights Watch/Africa (1994)
"Most of the victims here were ovimbundu, the ethnic group from the central ... If you are ovimbundu, you are UNITA." The teacher, an ovimbundu from Bie ..."

5. Observations Upon the Grammatical Structure and Use of the Umbundu: Or the by Wesley Maier Stover (1885)
"He is wise from the ovimbundu all. He is wisest of all the ovimbundu or wiser than all. NOTE. It is uncertain whether ko or lo would be the preposition used ..."

6. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain) (1901)
"... untainted by intercourse with the ovimbundu, are hospitable ; like most tribes, they have their special little customs and characteristics. ..."

7. A Modern Slavery by Henry Woodd Nevinson (1906)
"For generations past, probably long before the Portuguese established their present feeble hold upon the country, the ovimbundu, as they are called, ..."

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