Definition of Oxygen acid

1. Noun. Any acid that contains oxygen.

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Literary usage of Oxygen acid

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hand-book of Chemistry by Leopold Gmelin, Henry Watts (1849)
"... with evolution of sulphuretted hydrogen, into a compound of oxygen-acid and metallic oxide, or into a haloid-salt, and the sulphur-acid separated : 3KS ..."

2. Elements of Inorganic Chemistry: Including the Applications of the Science by Thomas Graham (1866)
"The class of oxygen acid salts is thus abolished, and they become binary compounds like the chlorides and cyanides. Even oxygen acids themselves can no ..."

3. Elements of Chemistry: Including the Most Recent Discoveries and by Robert Kane (1851)
"The prefix oxy is, however, not used; the ordinary salts are supposed to contain the oxygen acid, and it is only where a salt does not contain an oxygen ..."

4. A Manual of elementary chemistry by George Fownes (1866)
"... and oxygen-acid-, or oxy-saltĀ», are given to these two kinds. When a haloid salt is dissolved in water, it might be regarded as a combination of a ..."

5. Handbook of Organic Chemistry: For the Use of Students by William Gregory, J. Milton Sanders (1857)
"... oxygen acid, Cs 04 H 0, and as a hydrogen acid, Ct 05, H. In this last form it connects itself with carbonic oxide as it may be 5 CO + H. The same ..."

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