Definition of Packing material

1. Noun. Any material used especially to protect something.

Exact synonyms: Packing, Wadding
Generic synonyms: Material, Stuff
Specialized synonyms: Cardboard, Composition Board, Excelsior, Wood Shavings
Derivative terms: Pack

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Literary usage of Packing material

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1922)
"If this bracing and packing material had been found In the car when the seals were broken in ... If sufficient bracing and packing material— that Is to say, ..."

2. Peat: Essays on Its Origin, Uses and Distribution in Michigan by Charles Albert Davis (1907)
"Peat litter has long been used, when properly cleaned, as packing material in shipping various breakable articles and those which perish easily, ..."

3. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1857)
"How wet the packing material should be, or how much of it should be ... Plants with soft watery foliage need the packing material rather dry ; while ..."

4. Biennial Report by Oregon Board of Horticulture (1921)
"... and nature of infestation which you may find, and the nature and condition of packing. It heartily recommends the burning of all packing material. ..."

5. Modern Shop Practice: A General Reference Work by Howard Monroe Raymond, American Technical Society (1917)
"To obviate this trouble, a packing material of perfectly uniform composition ... The packing material should be free from sulphur, especially if moisture is ..."

6. Report of the State Board of Geological Survey by Michigan Geological Survey, Alfred Church Lane (1907)
"packing material. Peat litter has Ions been used, when properly cleaned, ... Non-Conducting packing material. Still another use has been made of both the ..."

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