Definition of Paint roller

1. Noun. A roller that has an absorbent surface used for spreading paint.

Generic synonyms: Roller

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Literary usage of Paint roller

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Celebrate Life: A Guide for Planning All Night Alcohol & Drug-Free edited by Sharon Murphy (1992)
"RAILROAD TRACK Supplies: roll of 3-4' wide opaque plastic; black, silver and yellow paint; regular paint roller, small paint roller, 1" paint brush. ..."

2. Municipal Pretreatment Programs: Guides to Pollution Prevention by Lynn Knight, David Loughran (1993)
"Flow coating involves the use of high-pressure sprays to flood the item to be painted and then draining off excess paint. Roller coating operates by ..."

3. Apprenticeship in Literacy: Transitions Across Reading and Writing by Linda J. Dorn, Cathy French, Tammy Jones (1998)
"Sponge-tip paint roller. Chalkboard. Stamp sponge for writing letters on chalkboard. Paintbrush and water for writing letters on chalkboard. ..."

4. Simple Machines by Jo Ellen Moore, Cindy Davis, Jill Norris, Don Robison (1998)
"SetUp Wheel and Axle Station • Display both real machines and pictures: can opener, paint roller, wagon, eggbeater, electric mixer, tricycle. ..."

5. Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States: Annotated for Statistical ...edited by Stephen Koplan, Deanna Tanner Okun edited by Stephen Koplan, Deanna Tanner Okun (2006)
"... 1.9 cm or more in diameter and 97 cm or more in length J No Free 4417.00.40 00 Paint brush and paint roller handles JX Free 4417.00.60 00 Brush backs No ..."

6. Manufacturing from Recyclables: 24 Case Studies of Successful Recycling edited by Michael Lewis (1999)
"A worker uses a paint roller to spread epoxy on the them, then sprinkles them with silicone carbonate. The coated tiles dry for 24 hours. ..."

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