Definition of Pair of tweezers

1. Noun. A hand tool for holding consisting of a compound lever for grasping.

Exact synonyms: Pair Of Pincers, Pincer, Tweezer
Generic synonyms: Hand Tool
Specialized synonyms: Roach Clip, Roach Holder
Derivative terms: Tweeze

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Literary usage of Pair of tweezers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Land of the Muskeg by Henry Somers Somerset (1895)
"... they procured copper from the Coast Indians, with which they made ornaments and the small tweezers that the men carried, and used to A pair of tweezers ..."

2. The Arts in Early England by Gerard Baldwin Brown (1915)
"LXXXV, 1 shows, besides the comb and pair of tweezers, a pricker, a strike-a-light, ... We may add in thought to these a pair of tweezers like PI. ..."

3. The Prepalatial Cemeteries at Mochlos and Gournia and the House Tombs of by Jeffrey S. Soles (1992)
"G II-19 (Her.Mus. ?). pair of tweezers G II-20 (Her.Mus. ?). pair of tweezers From "Room 1" (Hawes). Described by Hawes as From "Room 1" (Hawes). ..."

4. American Edition of the British Encyclopedia: Or, Dictionary of Arts and William Nicholson by William Nicholson (1819)
"Let the end of the wires of the battery be each provided with a pair of tweezers, one pair of which being insulated from the hand by coveringthe surface ..."

5. International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons by International Textbook Company (1906)
"Brazing the Joint of a Pair of Tweezers.—The brazing of a pair of tweezers, shown in Fig. 33, is a good example of flat brazing. The surfaces to be brazed ..."

6. Illustrations of Ancient Art: Selected from Objects Discovered at Pompeii by Edward Trollope (1854)
"A pair of tweezers, of a different form to those given in fig. 2, but of the same length and material as that specimen. (P.) No. 7. ..."

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